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Carlos Coelho
Instruments that pass through Carlos' hands play better.
Carlos Coelho
Instruments that pass through Carlos' hands play better. Noticeably.
A beautiful Lorée Royal 125th Amethyst Oboe
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A beautiful Lorée Royal English horn
No one knows a Lorée Oboe like Carlos.
Because of Carlos' with Lorée, his decades of experience, and his passion for Oboes:
Carlos personally brings out the richest and fullest voice in each Lorée Oboe.
Lorée Oboes
for Sale
Carlos' Lorée Oboes are masterfully elevated to their full potential - and that labor is not added to the price.
Lorée Oboes
for Sale
A beautiful Lorée d'Amore Oboe
Trusted by Students, Parents, and Professionals World Wide.
Don't take our word for it, check out the reviews!
Erin Hannigan
Principal Oboe - Dallas Symphony
Oboe Professor - Southern Methodist University
I have had the good fortune of working with Carlos Coelho for almost 20 years, and I can't say enough about the professionalism and polish of his business. He is an absolute perfectionist in his repair work, and new oboes are only sent out for trial only after they have been thoroughly gone over and adjusted. Carlos is forever part of my professional team; making the life of an oboist so much easier!
Nancy Ambrose King
Professor of Oboe - University of Michigan
I am proud to purchase my oboes from Carlos Coelho and recommend my students to him as well! We always receive great customer service and the finest Lorée oboes from which to choose. Carlos has a great selection of oboes and services .... before, during, and after the purchase. Thank you, Carlos!
Christopher Philpotts
Principal English Horn - Cincinnati Symphony
I have been a loyal customer of Carlos Coelho's shop for many years now and, quite honestly, can not praise his skill at instrument repair enough. He brings that same skill to bear on every new instrument he sells as well. I have purchased many new English Horns from Carlos over the years and have never been disappointed. His standard of excellence is what keeps me coming back!
A beautiful Lorée Bass Oboe
Meet Carlos
Carlos Coelho is an Oboe and English Horn master - and he's here to help you.
Carlos works with and plays all the Oboes that pass through his shop one on one.
That's why Carlos' Oboes play and perform with an unmatchable difference.
Carlos has decades of experience and mastery - and his service will exceed your expectations.
The Oboes for sale from Carlos and the Oboes Carlos repairs are noticeably better.
Learn Why
Learn Why
A beautiful Lorée Royal 125th Oboe
Carlos Coelho proudly services the whole United States.
What can Carlos do for you?
Students and Parents
We take special care of our Oboe and English Horn students.
We help you select the best Oboe in your price range - not the most expensive one - and even explain where your money is going.
You'll be in love with your new Oboe, have the best price, and know how to keep your investment in top shape for years to come.
Check out our for sale.
Professional Musicians
Carlos Coelho is fluent in your Language.
If you're looking for an English Horn or or for Oboe and English Horn - you're in the right place.
If you're looking for of your Oboe - you're in the right place.
Contact Carlos to if you need any help.
A beautiful Cabart Student Oboe
Financing Available
Financing rates Carlos has found, the best in the business, can help you afford the oboe you are looking for without breaking your budget.
For Financing Information
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A beautiful Lorée Royal 125th Amethyst Oboe
Looking for a New Oboe or English Horn?
Our Oboes and English Horns play better.
Contact Carlos
for personalized guidance in finding the perfect Oboe.
Learn your options, find the best deal, and bring home the best Oboe or English Horn by contacting Carlos today.
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A beautiful Lorée English Horn
Live in the Indianapolis Area?
Schedule a Visit - We're Local!
Indianapolis Area Oboists are in Luck!
Carlos Coelho is located right in Indianapolis' backyard. That means some of the best Oboe craftsmanship in the world is here in the heart of Indiana.
Come visit the Shop, see the selection, test a few instruments, and meet Mr. Coelho himself.
3854 North Washington Boulevard Indianapolis, IN 46205
Carlos is located by Meridian and 38th Street, between the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the Indiana State Fairgrounds.
Give us a call so we can expect you!
3854 North Washington Boulevard Indianapolis, IN 46205
A beautiful Lorée Royal Oboe
Frequently Asked Questions
What brands of Oboe and English Horn do you service?
Carlos works with all brands of professional instruments - Lorée, Howarth, Marigaux, Bulgheroni, and Fox to name a few.

Carlos also works with well-made, quality brands of student instruments - like the
Student Oboes
Carlos has for sale.

Check out our
repair or customization
page or contact us for more information.
How often does my Oboe or English Horn need routine maintenance?
Routine maintenance should be performed annually.

For professionals, students and other Oboists playing their Oboes or English Horns for several hours each day, we highly recommend maintenance every 6 months.

This prevents having to pay for costly repairs or restorations that can occur without routine maintenance.

We encourage you to book a late spring/summer appointment by calling our Oboe shop to get your Oboe/English Horn in top condition.

That way we can get your Oboe back to you sooner, as you're not stuck in the Fall and Winter "Rush" - a result of urgent warranty and emergency repairs.

See our
Routine Maintenance Service
page for more information.
How do I ship my Oboe to you?
When sending an Oboe or English Horn to our Oboe shop, please ship your instrument by UPS or FedEx (NOT the Post Office).

Additionally, please only use packing peanuts - and avoid using layers of bubble wrap and excessive taping which takes a lot of time to undo.

See our
Packing and Shipping
page for more information.
I live in the area, do you do 'drop-in' repairs?
Feel free to telephone or email our Oboe shop and Carlos will help if he can, but there are no guarantees.

Schedule an appointment ahead of time to make sure you're helped.

We are always happy to see you and your instrument in person!
Do you buy used Oboes and English Horns?
Do you accept trade-ins?
We do not buy used instruments or accept trade-ins.

We do, however, sell
Used Oboes
- and can advertise your oboe for sale on our website.

When you purchase a new instrument from our Oboe store, this is a free service to you as our valued customer!

Otherwise, there is a modest 10% commission charge.

See our
Appraisals and Selling
page for more information.
A beautiful Standard Lorée Oboe
Unmistakably Better Oboes
for Sale and Upon Repair.
Carlos is an Oboe and English Horn Master and he's here for you.
He specializes in selling noticeably better Oboes and English Horns and helping his clients find the best instrument for them.
Contact Carlos
if you would like some help or have any questions at all.
By Phone
By Email
By Phone
By Email
A beautiful Lorée Royal 125th English Horn
Oboes for Sale