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Lorée Oboe for Sale

Carlos Coelho proudly offers
Lorée Oboes that play
and perform remarkably
better, at the best prices.

Financing Available

Carlos’ financing rates, the best in the business, can help you afford the Oboe you are looking for without breaking your budget. 
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Standard Lorée Oboe

Lorée Royal Oboe


For Sale $7,000 – $7,500 (*)

For Sale $8,000 – $15,000 (*)

The classic, standard Lorée Oboe has a rich and delicate tone. Crafted with the legendary quality and skill of Lorée, this full conservatory plateau instrument has been prized for generations.

The Lorée Royal Oboe – especially the Lorée Royal 125- appeals to those looking for a richer and darker tone, adjustable features, and dual metal reinforcement for reliability.

Lorée Oboe D’Amore

Lorée Bass Oboe

For Sale $8,400 – $9,000 (*)

For Sale $12,500 – $15,000 (*)

Slightly larger than the Oboe and a minor third lower in sound, the Lorée Oboe D’Amore (Oboe of Love) has a less assertive and a more tranquil and serene voice.

Made with the same legendary Lorée quality as their other instruments, the Lorée Bass Oboe enables the player to reach to the low B flat (B♭2) – for rich and haunting melodies.

Looking for the Lorée English Horn? Find it Here

A Lorée Oboe by Carlos plays distinctly
better – and has a better price, too.

Carlos’ Lorée Oboes come straight from the Lorée factory in Paris. This enables Carlos to offer the best price on a Lorée Oboe you can get – from the start.
Then he elevates the instrument. Carlos inspects, plays, and brings out the full potential of every Lorée Oboe, for free.

You could say he’s a bit of a Perfectionist.

There’s a reason Carlos sells more Lorée Oboes
than any dealer in the U.S.

Not only does a Lorée Oboe from Carlos play noticeably better, Carlos Coelho is one of the most experienced and accredited Lorée dealers in the USA.

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

Contact Carlos

to speak with someone who truly knows a Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and more information.

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