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Carlos Coelho’s

 Lorée Royal Oboe

plays irrefutably better, and has the

best price. 

A beautiful F.Lorée ROYAL 125 Amethyst Oboe
The Lorée Royal Oboe for Sale
(Interested? Contact Carlos.)

Since 1989, Lorée has offered a masterpiece of art, combining musicality, reliability, and beauty: Le Royal.

Special attention is paid to the selection of the wood, and only the pieces with the most beautiful aspects are used for its manufacturing. This instrument appeals to those looking for a darker and rounder tone given by thicker wood.

In addition to this, added material reinforcement, stricter tolerances, and a multiplication of tests used during production lead to an improvement of the legendary reliability of the Lorée mechanism.

Don’t forget to check out the Lorée 125 and the Lorée 125 Amethyst below.

Technical Details
The Lorée Royal Oboe includes all the standard features of the Classic Lorée Oboe
Special Features of the Royal:
• Adjustable Thumb Rest for Improved Comfort
• Tenons with Dual Metal Reinforcement
 • Adjustable medium C key height – to fine tune the color and intonation of the note
All Lorée Oboes Come With:
Lorée Case        Lorée Case Cover
Lorée Bore Options:
AK        Regular        • DM    
Lorée System Options:
• “cR+3” – Full Conservatory Plateau System
• “gR+3” – Full Automatic System
Additional Lorée Options:
Synthetic Top Joint        Gold-plated Keys
English Thumb Plate      High D Facilitator
“H” – Higher in Pitch  

Price and Warranty

Contact Carlos to get a Custom Quote on this Instrument.
The Lorée Royal Oboe can range in price from approximately $8,000 to $15,000 depending on what features you choose to add to the oboe as well as if you are getting a Lorée Royal, a Lorée Royal 125, or a Lorée Royal 125 Amethyst. 
The Lorée Royal Oboe: $8,000 – $8,500. 
The Lorée Royal 125 Oboe: $9,200 – $9,600. 
The Lorée Royal 125 Amethyst Obo: $11,500 – $15,000. 
The price of an instrument can be higher depending on the optional features you wish to add.
The Standard Lorée Oboe comes with a
two-year warranty.
If at any time during the warranty period, you need to repair
your cracked Oboe or need a tuning adjustment, contact
Carlos. He will take care of it for you for free, though you will
have to pay for shipping.
Carlos allows trials of the Lorée Royal Oboe.
You can play your Oboe before you buy it, so that
you know exactly what you’re getting. Contact Carlos for more
Before leaving Carlos, your new Lorée Oboe will have a play-
test and a meticulous check, ensuring that the
instrument is at its full potential. This is in addition to the Oboe
being remarkably elevated in the first place.
Carlos’ Oboes Play Noticeably Better.
The Lorée Royal 125 Oboe for Sale
To commemorate Lorée’s 125th Anniversary in 1996,
the 125 Série Limitée was created. After wide success,
it was permanently introduced as the Lorée 125 Oboe.
The Royal 125 Oboe Includes all the Features of the Lorée Royal Oboe – Plus:
 10-year Dried Grenadilla Wood
Large Gold-Plated Reed Well
  High D Facilitator
  Gold-Plated Rings and Posts
The Royal 125 Amethyst Oboe for Sale

The Lorée Royal 125 Amethyst Oboe takes the Lorée Royal 125 Oboe a step further.

The most significant differences are the gold plated keys, the attractive Amethyst Jewel set in the bell, and the dark purple leather case and case cover included with the oboe.
The Royal 125 Amethyst Oboe Includes all the Features of the Lorée Royal 125 Oboe – Plus:
 Gold-plated keys
An Amethyst Jewel set in the Bell
  Dark Purple Leather Case and Leather Cover
Financing Available
Carlos’ financing rates, the best in the business, can
help you afford the Oboe you are looking for without breaking
your budget.
If you have any questions or would like guidance
finding the best oboe for you, contact Carlos.
If you would like to try an Oboe before you buy it or
get a custom quote, contact Carlos.

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

Contact Carlos

to speak with someone who truly knows a
Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and
more information.

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