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Used Oboes and Used English Horns

Looking for a used Oboe or English Horn?

Carlos Coelho offers used Oboes and English Horns for sale.

Be advised that compared to a used Oboe, a new one from Carlos may play better, cost the same, and even appreciate in value.

Our financing partners can help you take home the instrument you are looking for, without breaking your budget.

Used Oboe and Used English Horn Selection

Have a question? Want advice or guidance? Contact Carlos.

Used Lorée Oboes for Sale

Loree CM69 regular bore



This is a C-series Oboe!  Nice scale and tone. Small crack, repaired. Some silverware wear. No 3rd octave.

Loree CZ29 regular bore



This wonderful CZ-series Oboe is like new – totally overhauled with all cork pads and beautiful New Silver Plating!  Has high-D key.

Loree DH32 regular bore



This D-series Loree is very well-maintained – never cracked! Great tone and scale. Case is still in good condition as well. Comes with an included Cavallero case cover.

Loree DQ48 regular bore



A very well-maintained D Series Loree! Small crack, expertly repaired. No third octave key.

Loree ET56 regular bore



Wonderful oboe that has been kept in excellent condition. Small crack, repaired. Keys are shining! Beautiful dark tone.

Loree FT11 regular bore



This 1982 Loree is in very good condition and ready to be enjoyed! Small crack between trill keys, fixed.

Loree HY38 ‘Caldwell’ model



This is a unique rarity from Loree – a Caldwell model oboe, custom built with two wooden top joints (stamped as ‘Alex 1’ and ‘Alex 2’). The oboe plays beautifully in both configurations, with fantastic scale and tone. Each top joint has a small crack, expertly repaired. Comes in a Loree case designed for an oboe with two tops. Serious inquiries only, please.

Loree JS18 ‘Royal’



This Royal has never cracked! Even scale and a dark tone. This is a great buy, priced to sell.

Loree KB31 regular bore



Very nice Loree oboe with secure scale and warm tone. Never cracked, and very well maintained.

Loree MH13 ‘AK’



A great AK with a stable scale and mellow tone. Still in great condition! Comes in a Protec case.

Loree NF99 ‘AK’



This is a very well-kept AK with a beautiful tone and scale. Never cracked!

Loree NM23 ‘AK’



Very nice AK oboe. Good tone and scale! Small crack between trill keys, repaired.

Loree NM92 ‘AK’



Great AK with no cracks, still in good condition. Certainly a good buy.

Loree NY10 ‘AK’



Well-kept ‘ak’ from 2001. Would make a very nice student oboe. Still plays very well!

Loree OU85 ‘AK’



This oboe has just been overhauled. It plays beautifully. No cracks!

Loree QI11 ‘AK’



This AK is a fantastic buy – it’s in great condition! Warm, round tone. Small crack, expertly repaired.

Loree QO49 ‘AK’



Another very nice Loree AK with a sweet, warm tone. Cracked and expertly repaired.

Loree QV15 ‘Royal’



Very nice instrument, well-kept and professionally used. Warm tone and a very even scale. Small crack, repaired.

Loree RA62  ‘Royal’



This Royal plays beautifully and is still in great condition!

Loree RT45 ‘Royal 125’



Very nice 125 with good scale and tone. Cracked and expertly repaired.

Loree RW76 ‘Royal’



You will like this Royal. Nice secure scale, high d facilitator included. Small crack, expertly repaired.

Loree SC47 ‘AK’



Nice AK with no cracks! Well kept oboe, with a nice scale and warm tone.

Loree SN48 ‘Royal’



Another excellent Loree Royal. Small crack between trill keys, repaired.

Loree SQ97 ‘AK’



Another great used AK – instrument, case, and case cover are all in very good condition. Plays very well with a good tone and scale.

Loree TR25 ‘Royal’



Feels like new! Only a small crack between trill keys, fixed with inserts. Great scale and tone.

Loree TS57 ‘AK’



Very nice AK, never cracked. It’s in excellent condition, with a wonderful mellow tone and a stable scale.

Loree TU97 ‘Royal’



Never cracked! This Royal is in excellent condition.

Loree TW76 ‘AK’



This is a very nice AK, lightly used and never cracked! Warm tone and even scale.

Loree UH66 ‘Royal’



Beautiful Royal, very lightly used. Lovely warm tone. Small crack between trill keys, repaired.

Loree UY69 ‘AK’



A newer Loree AK. Purchased through our shop, broken in carefully and very lightly used. Never cracked – still feels like new!

Loree Synthetic Top Joint Only
 (Regular Bore)


Older top joint, but in good condition. Comes with a full oboe case. No third octave key.

Other Used Oboes for Sale

Bulgheroni FB-105



This oboe plays beautifully and is in great condition. High D key and third octave keys included. No cracks!

Cabart #7962


Excellent Cabart oboe made by F. Loree. Very well kept, with great tone. It’s a fantastic buy!

Fox 300



Professional model oboe, expertly made by Fox. Synthetic body and full conservatory key system, including high D key. Plays beautifully! French-style case, no case cover included.

Howarth XL #7456



Howarth XL in very good condition. Never cracked. Comes in a beautiful wooden case.

Fox 880 ‘Sayen’ #31664



Professional oboe made by Fox. Grenadilla body and full c+3 key system. Still playing beautifully after very light use by a professional. Small crack, repaired.

Yamaha 841 LT #8255



Wonderful professional oboe made by Yamaha. Full c +3 key system, grenadilla wood body, and a synthetic lined top to safeguard against cracks! This instrument was very recently serviced, and it plays beautifully.

Other Used Instruments for Sale

Loree GY93 English Horn



Excellent EH, never cracked. Beautiful tone! Comes in a double case with a Cavallaro case cover and one bocal included. A fantastic buy, priced to sell.

Loree JE96 English Horn



This wonderful Loree English Horn has a solid scale and mellow tone. Repaired after a small crack, but still in excellent condition. Third octave key. Comes in a double case, with one Loree #2 bocal included.

Loree LM24 Oboe D’Amore



This instrument is in fantastic condition and has been very lightly used through the years. Plays and feels like it’s still brand new. Keys are still shining – including the third octave!

Loree PU05 English Horn



Used Loree English Horn, purchased through us and still in great playing condition. Warm tone and even scale. 2 Loree bocals included.

Loree UX25 English Horn



Playing beautifully, very lightly used. Purchased through our shop, and expertly serviced by Carlos! Two Loree bocals included.

Cases, Accessories, Tools

Double Case Cover


Double Case Cover for Oboe and English Horn.  Sheep-lined.

Double Case Cover


Double Case Cover for Oboe and English Horn.  Sheep-lined.

Protec Oboe Case


Integral Case in good condition.

Gouging Machine – Oboe



Used gouging machine, made by Jeanne. Priced well and still in good condition.

Gouging Machine – Oboe



Another very well-maintained oboe gouge, made by Jeanne!

Jeanne Standard English Horn Shaper Tip


‘Jeanne’ standard English Horn shaper tip. Brand new condition, still in the box!

 #1 Loree EH bocal


 Laubin EH bocal


Found an Instrument you’re interested in?

Oboes that pass through Carlos’ hands play noticeably better. Whether you are looking for a used Oboe, English Horn, or anything else, Carlos Coelho can help you find the best instrument around.

Buying new may be a better option than buying used.

A new instrument from Carlos holds its fullest potential.
Carlos gets his Oboes and English Horns straight from the factory, and then elevates them, leaving a noticeable difference. This difference is not hindered by any history a used Oboe may have.
Appreciation in Value
A buyer may often find a newly bought Oboe or English Horn, especially a Lorée, to be worth more after a few years than when they bought it.
New at the same price
It is not rare to find a used Oboe or English Horn that costs just as much as a new Oboe or English Horn of better quality.
Before you make your decision,
Contact Carlos to see all your options.
Carlos will explain your options and personally help you find the best Oboe or English Horn for you.

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

Contact Carlos

to speak with someone who truly knows a Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and more information.

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