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Used Oboes and Used English Horns

Looking for a used Oboe or English Horn?

Carlos Coelho offers used Oboes and English Horns for sale.

Be advised that compared to a used Oboe, a new one from Carlos may play better, cost the same, and even appreciate in value.

Carlos’ financing rates, the best in the business, can help you afford the Oboe you are looking for without breaking your budget.

Used Oboe and Used English Horn Selection

Have a Question? Want advice or guidance? Contact Carlos.

Used Lorée Oboes for Sale

Loree AR14 normal bore



Very nice A-series Loree.  Tiny crack between trills, repaired. Very cute! No left-hand F or 3rd octave key.

Loree CM69 normal bore



This is a C-series Oboe!  Nice scale and tone. Small crack, repaired. Some silverware wear. No 3rd octave.

Loree CZ29 normal bore



This wonderful CZ-series Oboe is like new – totally overhauled with all cork pads and beautiful New Silver Plating!  Has high-D key.

Loree DF81 normal bore



Very nice D series Oboe. Body in good condition. Pleasant scale and tone. No 3rd octave. Comes in case only (very good condition).

Loree DQ84 normal bore



Good Oboe that needs some repair and TLC.  It plays with an even scale. Only small crack in the bell. No 3rd octave.  Priced to sell “as-is.”

Loree FJ30 normal bore



Excellent F series Loree with beautiful tone and no cracks!  The key work is in great mechanical condition.  No 3rd octave key.

Loree GA97 normal bore



Good normal-bore Oboe with nice tone. Plays well for its age. Never cracked!  No 3rd octave.

Loree JC28 ‘ak’



Very nice ‘ak’  – never cracked! It’s in very nice condition and comes with case and Cavallero case cover. No 3rd octave. Priced to sell!

Loree JK70 ‘ak’



Very nice ‘ak’ with nice scale and tone. No 3rd octave. Cracked and repaired. 

Loree KR34 ‘ak’



Nice ‘ak’  Oboe. Cracked and repaired. Nice, warm sound.  Great deal – owner is very motivated to sell!

Loree MW06 ‘ak’ Royal



Very nice Royal with ‘ak’ bore. No cracks!  

Loree NM23 ‘ak’



Very nice ‘ak’ Oboe with good tone and scale. Small crack between trills, repaired.

Loree NW83 ‘ak’



Nice ‘ak’ with good tone and even scale. Cracked and repaired.

Loree NY10 ‘ak’



Nice ‘ak’ Oboe in great condition.  Small crack, repaired.

Loree OD17 ‘ak’



This ‘ak’ Oboe has a nice tone and even scale.  Cracked and repaired.

Loree OK80 ‘ak’



Loree ‘ak’ Oboe in good condition with good scale.  Cracked and repaired.

Loree PE55 ‘ak’



Very nice Oboe with very good scale.  Cracked and repaired.

Loree PV50 ‘ak’



Good ‘ak’ Oboe, well-maintained. Good scale and tone.  No 3rd octave . Cracked and repaired. Comes with high D key.

Loree QG04 Royal



This is a wonderful Royal with great scale and dark tone. Small crack between trills and half-hole, fixed and inserted.  Great buy!

Loree QI30 ‘ak’



Nice ‘ak’ Oboe with good scale and nice tone. Cracked and repaired.

Loree QZ24 Royal


Wonderful Royal with High D key.  Very good scale and tone. Small crack, repaired. 
Loree RM74 Royal


Nice 2009 Royal. Cracked and repaired. Good scale and tone.
Loree RT45 Royal 125


Very nice 125 with good scale and tone.  Cracked and repaired.
Loree SC57 ‘ak’


Nice Loree ‘ak’ in nice condition. Full tone and even scale Cracked and repaired.
Loree SF58 ‘ak’


Very nice ‘ak’ in very good condition. Small crack between trills, repaired.
Loree SN48 Royal


Excellent Loree Royal. Small crack between trill keys, repaired.
Loree SP88 Royal


 Very nice Royal in great condition.  No cracks!
Loree SZ83 Royal


Very nicely-kept, good-looking Royal with nice tone and scale.  Cracked and repaired.
Loree TE21 ‘ak’


This is a wonderful buy in every way!  No cracks!
Loree TE23 Royal


Beautiful Royal with no cracks!
Loree TE44 ‘ak’


This ‘ak’ is in nice condition with no cracks!  Priced to SELL!
Loree TI59 Royal


This very little played Royal is in excellent condition. Cracked and repaired.
Loree TK80 ‘ak’


Very nice Oboe with warm tone!  Small crack, repaired.
Loree TN60 ‘ak’


Wonderful Oboe!  Very well-maintained with no cracks.
Loree TR25 Royal


Excellent Royal that has never cracked! 
Loree UE93 Royal



Very nice Royal – ready to go!  Small crack between trills, nicely repaired.

Loree UN59 Royal


Feels like new!  Only small crack between trills, fixed with inserts.  Great scale and tone.
Loree UR59 Royal


Wonderful Oboe – very little played.  Like new!  No cracks!
Other Used Oboes for Sale

Buffet Greenline G102994


Very nice Greenline (will not crack!) Oboe in very good condition.

Bulgheroni Model FB101 #10495


Very nice student Oboe with 3rd octave key and plateau D key.  Small crack between trills.

Cabart #7962



Excellent Cabart Oboe made by F. Loree. Very well kept, with great tone.  It’s a fantastic buy!

Fox 330 #32848



Nice all-plastic Fox 330 w/left-hand F in great condition. 

Fox 400 #14214



Good all-wood Fox professional Oboe in nice condition.  No cracks!  No 3rd octave.

Fox 800 #20320



Nice all-wood Fox professional Oboe in nice condition.  No cracks!

Fox Sayen #35002



This Maple Oboe is a new Sayen!  It is lined to help prevent cracking.

Howarth S-50 #6692


Howarth S-50 professional model in great condition.

Howarth S-50 #6817



Howarth professional model in very good condition.  Stable and beautiful tone.

Howarth XL #7241



Nice XL with High-D key.  Warm tone and even scale.  No cracks!

Howarth XL #7456



Howarth XL in very good condition .  VT – lined top joint – never cracked!  Comes in a beautiful wooden case.

Laubin #2394



Fantastic Cocobolo Laubin!  Excellent condition.  Priced to sell – new today they are $14,500 with a 10-year wait!

Yamaha YOB 241


Well-kept all-plastic instrument in good condition. No left-hand F or low Bb.  Good beginner Oboe.

Yamaha YOB 410 #001849


All-plastic instrument in good condition. Good student Oboe with left-hand F.

Yamaha YOB 441 #044516


Very nice student Oboe in excellent condition. Wood body and left-hand F.

Used English Horns for Sale

Laubin English Horn #176



This EH was made by Al Laubin and is in pristine condition!  It has been played very little. Comes in a double case with one Laubin bocal.

Laubin English Horn #1698



This EH was purchased from the Laubin shop in mint condition.  No cracks!  Comes with case, case cover, and two Laubin bocals.

Laubin English Horn #1782



This EH just had a 3rd octave and F# extension added by the Laubin shop. No cracks!  Comes with case, case cover, and two Laubin bocals.

Laubin English Horn #2133



This EH was bought from the Laubin shop and is in mint condition.  It comes in a beautiful Laubin signature leather case with Cavallaro cover. It has an  F# extension.  No cracks!  Comes with two Laubin bocals.

Loree English Horn MD13



Very well-kept EH in good condition.  No cracks. This EH comes with a double case and #2 and #2H Loree bocals.

Loree English Horn OC51



Very nice and well-maintained EH with no cracks. Comes with #1 and #2 Loree bocals and a double case.

Cases, Accessories, Tools

Altieri Cozy Cover


Altieri Oboe Cozy. Nylon padded Cover. Never used.

Double Case


Double Case for Oboe and English Horn – no cover.  Good condition.

Double Case Cover


Double Case Cover for Oboe and English Horn.  Sheep-lined.

Double Case Cover


Double Case Cover for Oboe and English Horn.  Unlined.

Loree Case & Cover


Loree Double Case and Case Cover for Oboe and English horn. Almost brand-new!

Loree Case & Cover


Loree Double Case and Case Cover for 2 Oboes. Barely used and is in like-new condition. Great Buy!

Loree Double Case


Loree Double Case for Oboe and English Horn- no cover.  Some wear.

Loree Single EH Case & Cover


Loree Single EH Case (missing latch) and cover (missing zipper pull).

Protec Oboe Case


Integral Case in good condition.

Rigoutat Double Case


Rigoutat Double Case for Oboe and English Horn- no cover.  Good condition.

Oboe knife and mandrel


Oboe Mandrel and double hollow ground Oboe reed knife with comfortable maple wood handle. Comes in double sheath

Used D’Amore Oboes for Sale 
We currently have no Used D’Amore Oboes for Sale 
Please Contact Carlos for Updates
Used English Horn Bocals
 #1 Loree EH bocal


Found an Instrument you’re interested in?

Oboes that pass through Carlos’ hands play noticeably better. Whether you are looking for a used Oboe, English Horn, or anything else, Carlos Coelho can help you find the best instrument around.

Buying new may be a better option than buying used.

A new instrument from Carlos holds its fullest potential.
Carlos gets his Oboes and English Horns straight from the factory, and then elevates them, leaving a noticeable difference. This difference is not hindered by any history a used oboe may have.
Appreciation in Value
A buyer may often find a newly bought Oboe or English Horn, especially a Lorée, to be worth more after a few years than when they bought it.
New at the same price
It is not rare to find a used Oboe or English Horn that costs just as much as a new Oboe or English Horn of better quality.
Before you make your decision,
Contact Carlos to see all your options.
Carlos will explain your options and personally help you find the best Oboe or English Horn for you.

By Phone: 317-920-0519

Contact Carlos

to speak with someone who truly knows a Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and more information.

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