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Used Oboes and Used English Horns

Looking for a used Oboe or English Horn?

Carlos Coelho offers used Oboes and English Horns for sale.

Be advised that compared to a used Oboe, a new one from Carlos may play better, cost the same, and even appreciate in value.

Carlos’ financing rates, the best in the business, can help you afford the Oboe you are looking for without breaking your budget.

Used Oboe and Used English Horn Selection

Have a Question? Want advice or guidance? Contact Carlos.

Used Lorée Oboes for Sale

Loree CM69 normal bore



This is a C-series Oboe!  Nice scale and tone. Small crack, repaired. Some silverware wear. No 3rd octave.

Loree DF81 normal bore



Very nice D series Oboe. Body in good condition. Pleasant scale and tone. No 3rd octave. Comes in case only (very good condition).

Loree FY92 normal bore



Nice Oboe with good scale and tone quality. No 3rd octave. Cracked and repaired.  Very nice Oboe for its age.  Priced to sell!

Loree IC60 ‘DM’



Nice ‘DM’ model Loree Oboe with 3rd octave. Small crack between trills, fixed.

Loree KD19 normal bore



Nice normal bore with no cracks! Some silverplate wear. Comes with integral case in good condition.

Loree KR34 ‘ak’



Nice ‘ak’  Oboe. Cracked and repaired. Nice, warm sound.

Loree LD89 regular bore



Very well-kept Loree c+3, regular bore, with 3rd octave and High D key.  Ready to go. No cracks!

Loree LH72 ‘ak’



Very nice ‘ak’ in very good shape. Nice tone and scale. Small crack, repaired.

Loree MU95 ‘ak’



Nice ‘ak’ Oboe in very good condition with no cracks. Warm tone and scale.

Loree PE55 ‘ak



Very nice Oboe with very good scale.  Cracked and repaired.

Loree PV50 ‘ak’



Good ‘ak’ Oboe, well-maintained. Good scale and tone.  No 3rd octave . Cracked and repaired. Comes with high D key.

Loree QC84 ‘ak’


This ‘ak’ plays very smoothly with a very nice tone and scale. Ready for a new home!  Cracked and repaired.
Loree QM26 Royal


Excellent Royal with great tone and very stable scale. Small crack, repaired. This Oboe is in fantastic condition.
Loree RM74 Royal


Nice 2009 Royal. Cracked and repaired. Good scale and tone.
Loree RN34 ‘ak’


Nice ‘ak’ with good scale and tone. Small crack between trills, repaired. Comes with High D key!
Loree RU75 Royal


Wonderful Royal that has been kept in great condition.  Cracked and repaired.  Great tone, scale and mechanism in great shape.
Loree RV20 Royal


Very well-maintained Royal with a tiny crack between the trills, repaired.  This is a wonderful instrument.
Loree RW66 Royal


Excellent Royal Oboe with very good scale and tone. Small crack between trill keys (has been repaired).
Loree RZ09 Royal


Excellent Royal in very good condition. Small cracks, repaired.  Beautiful tone and scale.
Loree SE80 Royal


Very nice Royal from 2011 with beautiful, warm tone and secure scale. Small crack between trill keys, repaired.
Loree SN48 Royal


Excellent Loree Royal. Small crack between trill keys, repaired.
Loree SU05 Royal


This Oboe has been very well kept and is in great shape.  Tiny crack between trills, repaired.  Warm tone and very good scale.
Loree SV69 Royal


Loree Royal Oboe in excellent condition. No cracks. Beautiful tone and scale.
Loree SW80 Royal


This Royal has a nice scale and a warm tone.  Cracked and repaired.
Loree SX41 Royal


Well-maintained and taken care of Royal with good tone and scale.  Cracked and repaired.
Loree SX86 Royal 125


This is a great 125, never cracked, and in excellent condition. Warm, dark tone.
Loree TI59 Royal


This very little played Royal is in excellent condition. Cracked and repaired.
Loree TJ14 Royal


Fantastic well-maintained Royal.  Solid scale and warm tone.
Loree TK80 ‘ak’


Very nice Oboe with warm tone!  Small crack, repaired.
Loree TN60 ‘ak’


Wonderful Oboe!  Very well-maintained with no cracks.
Loree TQ54 Royal


Excellent Royal in top condition.  Never cracked!
Loree TQ72 Royal


Fantastic Royal from 2015 in excellent condition with a brand-new top joint.  Feels like a new instrument!  No cracks.  Priced to sell!!
Loree TR86 ‘ak’


This is an excellent Loree ‘ak’ that has never cracked!  Very nice, sweet tone.
Loree TX90 Royal


This is a beautiful Royal – almost like new!   Comes with a Dutch thumb rest.  Played very little and well-maintained.  Wonderful scale and tone.
Loree UB78 Royal 125


Very little-played 125 with gorgeous, warm sound and even scale.  No cracks!
Loree plastic top joint


Plastic oboe top joint for Loree standard ‘ak’ oboe. Can be adapted to fit a Royal as well!  Nice condition. No case. Reduced price. Perfect when temperatures are variable and for outdoor events.
Other Used Oboes for Sale

Buffet Greenline G102994


Very nice Greenline (will not crack!) Oboe in very good condition.

Covey #8454


Lovely Covey Oboe in great condition. Small crack, repaired.  All tone holes inserted from the factory.  Plays beautifully!

Fox 300 #2222



Nice Fox 300 (professional model) with good scale and mellow tone. No 3rd octave.

Fox 330 #21942


Very nice all-plastic Fox 330 – the classic American student Oboe – in great condition.  No 3rd octave.

Howarth S-50 #6692


Howarth S-50 professional model in great condition.

Howarth XL #7780



Wonderful Howarth Oboe!  No cracks!

Laubin #2011



Excellent Laubin Oboe.  No cracks!

Yamaha YOB 410 #001849


All plastic instrument in good condition. Good student Oboe with left-hand F.

Used English Horns for Sale

Fox 500 English Horn



Very nice all-professional English Horn.  Never cracked – very nice condition.  Comes with 2 XL bocals and a double case with an Altieri case cover.

Fox 510 English Horn



Don’t worry about cracks – this very nice Fox English horn is a professional instrument with a plastic top joint.  Comes with 2 Fox bocals.

Laubin AL193


Fantastic EH made by Al Laubin; overhauled by Paul Laubin in 2017. It is a beautiful horn! Comes with a No. 2 Laubin bocal, M Chudnow bocal, Laubin double case (Oboe and EH) and Altieri case cover.

Loree English Horn MD13



Very well-kept EH in good condition.  No cracks. This EH comes with a double case and #2 and #2H Loree bocals.

Loree English Horn OC51



Very nice and well-maintained EH with no cracks. Comes with #1 and #2 Loree bocals and a double case.

Rigoutat #176U



Nice Rigoutat EH that comes with a double case and 1 Loree bocal.  Sweet-sounding horn.

Cases, Accessories, Tools

Altieri Cozy Cover


Altieri Oboe Cozy. Nylon padded Cover. Never used.

Loree Case & Cover


Loree Double Case and Case Cover for Oboe and English horn. Almost brand-new!

Loree Case & Cover


Loree Double Case and Case Cover for 2 Oboes. Barely used and is in like-new condition. Great Buy!

Loree Triple Case


Loree triple case for Oboe, Oboe d’Amore and English Horn. In good condition.  No cover.

Oboe knife and mandrel


Oboe Mandrel and double hollow ground Oboe reed knife with comfortable maple wood handle. Comes in double sheath

Used D’Amore Oboes for Sale 
We currently have no Used D’Amore Oboes for Sale 
Please Contact Carlos for Updates
Used English Horn Bocals
 #1 Loree EH bocal


Found an Instrument you’re interested in?

Oboes that pass through Carlos’ hands play noticeably better. Whether you are looking for a used Oboe, English Horn, or anything else, Carlos Coelho can help you find the best instrument around.

Buying new may be a better option than buying used.

A new instrument from Carlos holds its fullest potential.
Carlos gets his Oboes and English Horns straight from the factory, and then elevates them, leaving a noticeable difference. This difference is not hindered by any history a used oboe may have.
Appreciation in Value
A buyer may often find a newly bought Oboe or English Horn, especially a Lorée, to be worth more after a few years than when they bought it.
New at the same price
It is not rare to find a used Oboe or English Horn that costs just as much as a new Oboe or English Horn of better quality.
Before you make your decision,
Contact Carlos to see all your options.
Carlos will explain your options and personally help you find the best Oboe or English Horn for you.

By Phone: 317-920-0519

Contact Carlos

to speak with someone who truly knows a Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and more information.

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