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English Horns for Sale

Carlos Coelho proudly offers English Horns that play uncommonly better, at the best prices there are.

Financing Available

His financing rates, the best in the business can help you afford the Oboe you are looking for without breaking your budget.

Browse our Popular English Horns

Please Note – These are not all the Options Carlos offers for sale.
(Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact Carlos)

An English Horn for sale by Carlos plays noticeably better – and has a better price, too.

Carlos Coelho’s English Horns have a noticeably superior voice.

He brings out the fullest and richest voice in every English Horn he has for sale.

Carlos Coelho provides the best English Horn for sale at the best price.

Not only does a Lorée Oboe from Carlos play noticeably better, Carlos can help you determine the best English Horn in your price range – for free.

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

Contact Carlos

for guidance, advice, and the best selection of English Horns.

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