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About Carlos Coelho

Carlos Coelho has a Masters in Oboe Performance, is an incomparable Oboe and English Horn repair master technician, and is known all over the world.

The Story of the Noticeably Better Oboes and English Horns.

Every instrument that passes through Carlos’s Oboe Shop is tuned, adjusted, perfected, and elevated to its fullest potential.

Every Oboe and English Horn that Carlos sells and repairs gets at least one hour of attention – playing, testing, and elevating the instrument to play with its richest and fullest voice.

Carlos has decades of experience working on and playing Oboes and English Horns. This practice has brought him to the point where he has an almost savant ability to sense every detail and nuance of an Oboe or English Horn.

This unique ability enables him to detect and find the exact detail that needs adjustment, and to sense the full potential of an instrument just from playing it. It allows him to bring out the fullest, richest, and most beautiful voice of each Oboe and English Horn he works with.

If you ever get a chance to stop by Carlos’ Shop, do. You will be amazed by the difference in quality and voice of Carlos’ Oboes – especially if you’ve been anywhere else.

It is this incredible mastery that has led Carlos to be recognized and respected worldwide.

The Story of the Best Prices

Carlos’ experience enables him to offer more than just Oboes and English Horns playing at their full potential, noticeably better.

Carlos Coelho’s Oboes and English Horns Are Sold at the Best Prices.

Carlos’ reputation has enabled him to make all the connections to all the right places. Carlos gets all of the new instruments he sells directly from the manufacturer, and does not charge you a premium for his expertise.

Carlos does not charge you for the extra work he puts into elevating his Oboes and English Horns to their full potential.

Add that to his direct connections with suppliers, his ability to know the exact value of an instrument, and the wide range of instruments at his disposal. Carlos avoids all the middle man fees and offers you the Best Prices.

Carlos Coelho and F. Lorée

Carlos Coelho Has a Special History with the Lorée Brand.

Many years ago, Carlos became one of few people in the world chosen to be an authorized Lorée Dealer. The Lorée family put great faith in him, and their trust has led to a relationship valued by both parties.

His Mastery in Oboe Performance, Oboe and English Horn Repair, and his network of teachers, students, and professionals who trust him, set him apart for a good reason.
Today, Carlos Coelho sells the most Lorée Oboes and English Horns in America.
Carlos is also one of the only two repair technicians in the U.S. trained by Lorée at the Lorée factory in France.
Carlos gets all of his new Lorée instruments directly from the Lorée factory in France, and is proud to sell and service this legendary manufacturer.

The Story of Carlos Coelho

Music Runs in Carlos’s Blood.

Carlos was born in Brazil and was first taught the oboe by his father, a director of the Conservatorio Musical de Tatui, one of the largest music schools in South America.

Carlos’ brother, Tadeu, is a Professor of Flute at the North Carolina School for the Arts. His brother Benjamin, formerly the Principal Bassoonist of the Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro, is now a Bassoon Professor at the University of Iowa School of Music. And his brother Luiz, a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music, is now a band director in California.

A Masters in Oboe Performance

Carlos Coelho later moved to the United States to pursue education in Oboe Performance. He studied Oboe at the Manhattan School of Music, at SUNY Purchase (State Univ. of New York), at Temple University (Philadelphia), and at CUNY (City Univ. of New York) – where he is a candidate for the Doctorate in Oboe Performance Degree.

His teachers included Henry Schuman, Elaine Douvas, and Louis Rosenblatt. He also studied with Ingo Goritzki at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover, Germany.

Carlos and His Oboe Shop

After getting his Masters, Carlos was the Principal Oboist of the Campinas Symphony Orchestra and faculty member of the University of Campinas in Brazil. Carlos has also performed with the International Chamber Music Ensemble of the Associazione Musicale Riky Haertelt from Torino, Italy.

A few years later, Carlos moved to Indianapolis and started his own Oboe repair and sales business. Lorée decided he was just what they were looking for, and the rest is history.

Carlos Coelho Today

Today Carlos Coelho Is Servicing and Selling Oboes with Pride

Carlos found what he loves doing most when he opened his Oboe shop.

Most of Carlos’ time is spent servicing, repairing, testing, and perfecting Oboes and English Horns that pass through his shop. Especially during winter, Carlos is incredibly busy, but he loves what he does.

Beyond Carlos’ Oboe Shop

Carlos works with and mentors students all over the world. He also represents Lorée in woodwind conferences all over the USA. In the picture, Carlos is with Dwight Parry (on the left) and Oliver De Gourdon (on the right).

Because of his experience, Carlos is also often asked to present at schools, organizations, and events.

Remarkably Better Oboes

for Sale and Upon Repair

Carlos is an Oboe and English Horn master, and he’s here for you.

He specializes in selling noticeably better Oboes and English Horns and helping his clients find the best instrument for them.

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

Contact Carlos

if you would like help
or have any questions.
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