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The Coelho Shaper Tip

Carlos Coelho used his decades of experience to design the perfect shaper tip to use for himself. 

Now he’s sharing it with you!

The Coelho Shaper Tip Crafts Noticeably Better Reeds.
Decades of experience and mastery went into crafting the Coelho shaper tip to make the highest quality reeds.
Reeds Made with Coelho Shaper Tips Stay Stable and Focused in High Registers.
Coelho Shaper Tips are built from an exclusive and mastered design.

Carlos is an Oboe and English Horn Master with decades of experience in performance and design. Carlos Coelho knew exactly what shaper tips were missing, and personally designed the Coelho shaper tip to craft clearly better reeds.

Coelho Shaper Tips are made using computer-guided machines

 They are made with the highest degree of precision possible, ensuring that every single Coelho shaper tip is of impeccable quality.

Some of the most famous Oboists in top professional orchestras use Coelho shaper tips. These tips fit all standard shaper tip holders.
The Coelho shaper tip for English Horn or Oboe cost $250 each.
Interested in the Coelho Shaper Tip?

Contact Carlos to purchase the Coelho shaper tip, and he will guide you through the process. Shaper tips are available for trial. You may also be interested in the other supplies Carlos sells. 

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

Contact Carlos

to speak with someone who truly knows a Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and more information.

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