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Insights & Advice for Oboes & English Horns

Insights and advice about Oboes and English Horns
from a repair master technician with
decades of experience.

“The bottom line is, never play a cold instrument,” Coelho said. “And never neglect to follow these simple guidelines when using your Oboe or English Horn during cold weather.”

Learn to properly adjust your instrument. Written by an expert Master Technician with decades of experience.

Reduce the possibility of cracking by playing the new instrument gently during the first few months, and by taking precautions during periods of low humidity. 

Carlos is an Oboe and English Horn master and he’s here for you. He specializes in selling noticeably better Oboes and English Horns. Helping his clients find the best instrument for them is one of the many excellent talents of Carlos.

Eminently Better Oboes
for Sale and Upon Repair.

Contact Carlos

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

to speak with someone who truly knows a
Lorée Oboe – for guidance, advice, and more information please contact us!

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