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Carlos does more than sell recognizably better
Oboes and English Horns.

Carlos Coelho started as a repair technician
and is now one of the best in the world.

Carlos offers a few different services.

Repair and Customization

Repair or customize your Oboe or English Horn with confidence by sending it to Carlos Coelho, one of the most experienced master technicians.

Routine Maintenance

Your instrument needs regular maintenance to last and stay in top condition. Send it in for maintenance with Carlos for a masterful and professional servicing.

 Appraisal and Selling
Carlos can appraise and help sell your Oboe or English Horn using his experience and contacts.
 Buying Guidance
Carlos Coelho has the connections and experience to help you find the best English Horn or Oboe for sale. Benefit from the experience of an expert in your search.

Contact Carlos

for a guided and personal Oboe buying experience. Carlos loves to help.

By Phone:

(214) 383-9734

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