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Breaking in Your New Lorée

The following will help you to get the most enjoyment from your new instrument and reduce the possibility of cracking. The risk can be minimized by playing the new instrument gently during the first few months, and by taking precautions during periods of low humidity.
In the beginning, play the instrument for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Swab it, return it to its case and keep the lid closed. A few hours later or the next day, you may repeat this procedure. Each week you may add five or ten minutes playing time. After about three months, you should be able to play it as you wish.
On chilly days (or in cold rooms) always warm the instrument before beginning to play on it. This may be done by holding it against your body for a few minutes, or cradling at least the top joint in your hands. If the oboe was left in an unheated area on a cold day, you must not play it until it has had a chance to warm gradually.
Avoid laying down the instrument on a cold or very warm surface or next to a heat source so that it is not exposed to rough variation of temperature. If your instrument is kept in a dry climate, or even during prolonged periods of dry weather, it is best to put a humidifier in the case to maintain higher moisture.
During the break-in period, we recommend that you regularly oil the bore of your new instrument (about once a week). Be sure, first, that the bore is well dried and cleared of moisture. Then put a few drops of natural bore oil preferably on a feather or a swab and apply a light coat of oil gently inside the instrument.
 After a few months, you can progressively reduce the oiling of your instrument.

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