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Review for Carlos

Carlos Coelho sells Oboes and English Horns that are irrefutably better.
Check out what his customers and clients have to say about his service.

Dr. Doris DeLoach
Professor of Oboe – Baylor University
Our Oboe world is so fortunate to have such a wonderful Oboist/Musician who sells and maintains instruments. I have never been disappointed with his workmanship in adjusting and repairing instruments, and I can always be certain that when purchasing a new Oboe from Carlos, the Oboe will have been thoroughly tested and regulated. Carlos is the best and I can’t imagine oboe life without him! He is a great friend as well.
Casey Brookes
First Chair Oboe Student

There is a real difference in the Oboes you’ll find with Carlos. He teaches you the difference between a quality Oboe and the rest. I am in love with the new Lorée Oboe I purchased from him – I don’t think I could have found an Oboe that fit my playing style and what I needed more perfectly anywhere else. Thanks Carlos!

Erin Hannigan
Principal Oboe – Dallas Symphony 
Oboe Professor – Southern Methodist University
I have had the good fortune of working with Carlos Coelho for almost 20 years, and I can’t say enough about the professionalism and polish of his business. He is an absolute perfectionist in his repair work, and new Oboes are only sent out for trial only after they have been thoroughly gone over and adjusted. Carlos is forever part of my professional team; making the life of an Oboist so much easier!
Sherry Sylar
Associate Principal Oboe – New York Philharmonic
Carlos Coelho is one of ‘the good guys’! Honest and reliable, he is an Oboe/English Horn repairman/craftsman of the highest level. I wish he worked in NYC!
Katherine Young Steele
Principal Oboe – Milwaukee Symphony 
Professor of Oboe – Uni. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Carlos Coelho for consistently outfitting me with fantastic Loree instruments over the past 18 years. He has a fantastic selection of Oboes and English Horn and offers incredible service after the purchase. I have never trusted another technician the way I do Carlos, I find him to be the master at adjusting and fine tuning with incredible detail and care. I can’t imagine my career as an oboist without him. Carlos is the best!
Dwight Parry
Principal Oboe – Cincinnati Symphony
In Carlos Coelho, I have found someone who cares deeply about his work and consistently impresses me with the way he sets up and repairs Oboes. I think his greatest strength is that he is a musician first. He listens to me and helps me get what I need from my instrument, and I am extremely picky! Carlos is a really great guy who has become my friend in addition to Oboe dealer and repairman. He’s the best!
L. Eyerly
Lisa Eyerly
Parent of a West Michigan Uni. Oboist
Carlos has been providing excellent service and repair work on our daughter’s Oboes and English Horn for over 4 years, and most recently, purchased both her Loree Oboe and English Horn from Carlos. We definitely won’t go anywhere else for instrument repair or purchases, as Carlos provides us with outstanding service every time!
Richard Killmer
Professor of Oboe – Eastman School of Music
I have been purchasing fine Oboes, Oboes d’Amore, and English Horns from Carlos Coelho for many years and appreciate his excellent selection of instruments as well his fine service, both for myself and for my students.
Christopher Philpotts
Principal English Horn – Cincinnati Symphony

I have been a loyal customer of Carlos Coelho’s shop for many years now and, quite honestly, can not praise his skill at instrument repair enough. He brings that same skill to bear on every new instrument he sells as well. I have purchased many new English Horns from Carlos over the years and have never been disappointed. His standard of excellence is what keeps me coming back!

Nancy Ambrose King
Professor of Oboe – University of Michigan
I am proud to purchase my Oboes from Carlos Coelho and recommend my students to him as well! We always receive great customer service and the finest Lorée Oboes from which to choose. Carlos has a great selection of Oboes and services …. before, during, and after the purchase. Thank you, Carlos!
Andrew Parker
Professor of Oboe – University of Texas

I have known and worked with Carlos for almost 20 years. He is not only a fantastic Oboe guru, but he is also a wonderful human being. Over the years many of my students have procured instruments from him, as have I. The process has always been enjoyable and easy due to Carlos’ passion and knowledge. The oboe world is extremely lucky to have such a consistent, kind, and insightful expert working on our instruments. I look forward to many more years of collaboration with Carlos!

Alex Klein
Principal Oboe – Chicago Symphony
I need a stable Oboe, in pitch, color, control, scale, evenness. Circumstances do not permit me to compensate for an oboe’s shortcomings. I need a partner in an Oboe, an instrument that can instantly follow my objectives. That Oboe I found in the Lorée 125 I bought from Carlos Coelho, and which I proudly used for this years Chicago Symphony Principal Oboe audition.
Robert Atherholt
Professor of Oboe – Rice University 
Retired Principal Oboe – Houston Symphony

Carlos Coelho has been my expert Oboe technician and primary source for Lorée Oboes for the majority of my professional career. As an Oboist himself, he is extremely sensitive to the needs of his clients. His work is the standard in the industry, and is backed by his personal integrity and many years of experience.

Dan Ross
Principle Oboe – North Arkansas Symphony 
Professor of Music – Arkansas State University

Carlos is my go to guy for Oboes and lots of other “Oboe stuff”.

Unmistakably Better Oboes
for Sale and Upon Repair

Carlos is an Oboe and English Horn Master and he’s here for you.

He specializes in selling noticeably better Oboes and English Horns and helping his clients find the best instrument for them.

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