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Repair & Customization

Oboes and English Horns that pass through the hands of Carlos Coelho play strikingly better.

Especially after being repaired by this experienced master technician.

Carlos is one of the best repair technicians in the world.

See how he can help you.

Repair your Oboe or English Horn with Confidence.

After his Masters in Oboe Performance, Carlos started his career repairing Oboes. His repair skills attracted Lorée, making him one of the few direct and authorized Lorée Dealers in the United States. Carlos Coelho, a true Oboe and English Horn repair master technician, has been mending and restoring professional and student Oboes and English Horns for decades. Trained at the prestigious F. Lorée Oboe factory in France, Mr. Coelho has elevated Oboe repair to a true art form.
Repair Services Include

Rebuilding of Oboes and English Horns
Adjusting and refitting mechanisms
Crack pinning
Installing inserts
Tune-ups and adjustments
Tuning (including tone-hole and bore adjustments)

All precision Oboe and English Horn repairs and restorations are done personally by the master’s hand. Nothing is left to chance.

If your Oboe instrument or English Horn needs some special care, treat it and yourself to the Oboe repair expertise and English Horn restoration mastery used by some of the world’s foremost Oboists, Carlos Coelho.

Looking for customizations on your Oboe or English Horn?

You’ve found the right Carlos.

Carlos’ experience enables him to customize Oboes and English Horns with perfection.
If you’re looking for customization on your Oboe or English Horn, contact Carlos. You’ll get the best results from working with this experienced Master.
Repair or customize your Oboe or English Horn with confidence and get the best service by contacting Carlos today.
Carlos Coelho is an experienced master repair technician ready to help you.

By Phone: (214) 383-9734

Contact Carlos

to repair or customize your instrument and with any questions you may have.

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