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Used Oboes and Used English Horns

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Used Oboes and Used English Horns

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Used Oboe and Used English Horn Selection

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Used Lorée Oboes for Sale
Laubin English horn #2341962$15,000This is the most wonderful Laubin E.H. I have ever played. It was made by AL Laubin for Laila Storch. It is in pristine condition! She used it when she played with the Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet and kept it in perfect shape. It comes with a Laubin #1 bocal that works perfectly tonally and is pitch level. It is in a double case. Please, only serious inquiries.
Loree CM69 regular bore1971$3,000This is a C-series Oboe! Nice scale and tone. Small crack, repaired. Some silverware wear. No 3rd octave.
Loree CZ26 regular bore1973$5,650This wonderful CZ-series Oboe is like new – totally overhauled with all cork pads and beautiful New Silver Plating! Has high-D key.
Loree DH32 regular bore1974$3,500This D-series Loree is very well-maintained – never cracked! Great tone and scale. Case is still in good condition as well. Comes with an included Cavallero case cover.
Loree DP74 regular bore1976$2,500This is a regular bore Loree with a nice even scale. Cracked and repaired. Priced to sell.
Loree EU57 regular bore1979$4600This standard bore Loree has never cracked. Good tone and even scale. Priced to sell!
Loree LS50 'AK'1995$4,700Very nice 'AK' with beautiful tone. Small repaired crack. Mechanisms are in very good condition.
Loree NR69 'AK'1999$4,800Great AK with beautiful dark tone.
Small crack between the trills fixed. This instrument is in great condition.
Loree NT99 'Royal'2000$5,900Very nice Royal with deep tone and even scale. Never cracked!
Loree NV80 'AK'2000$4,800Nice AK with warm tone. Never cracked! Well maintained.
Loree NY10 ‘AK’2001$3,950Well-kept ‘ak’ from 2001. Would make a very nice student oboe. Cracked and repaired. Still plays very well! Priced to sell.
Loree OH14 ‘AK’2001$4,600Nice AK with nice, warm tone and good scale. Small crack repaired. Nice and clean.
Loree PD35 'AK'2003$4,600Another nice Loree 'AK.' Cracked and repaired. Nice, dark tone and stable scale.
Loree PE52 'AK'2003$4,600This 2003 Loree has been well maintained and is ready to be played. Cracked and repaired. It's a wonderful instrument for a serious student or amateur.
Loree QY53 'Royal 125'2007$6,900Beautiful Royal 125 with even scale. Small crack between trills that has been repaired.
Loree RA62 ‘Royal’2007$6,500This Royal plays beautifully and is still in great condition!
Loree RH57 'AK'2007$4,400This 'AK' is in very good condition. The small crack has been repaired. It is ready to be played.
Loree RT24 'AK'2009$5,700A great 'AK"- never cracked and in wonderful shape!
Loree RW76 ‘Royal’2010$6,500You will like this Royal. Nice secure scale, high d facilitator included. Small crack, expertly repaired.
Loree SE80 'Royal'2011$5,800Very well maintained Royal with excellent scale and beautiful tone. Small crack between the trills repaired by Master Technician. PRICED to sell!
Loree SG64 'AK'2011$6,400Another very nice AK oboe with a warm tone and even scale. It has a High D key and is in very good condition. Small cracks between trills repaired professionally.
Loree SN48 ‘Royal’2011$6,950Another excellent Loree Royal. Small crack between trill keys, repaired.
Loree SN72 'Royal'2012$6,300Great F. Loree Royal with only one previous owner. Wonderful dark tone, small crack repaired. This oboe comes in a brand new MB case!
Loree TE61 'Royal'2014$7,250Never cracked Royal! In excellent condition. Beautiful tone and scale. Ready to be enjoyed.
Loree TR25 'Royal'2015$6,500Excellent Royal that has never been cracked!
Loree TU73 'Royal'2016$6,200Wonderful Loree Royal with an even scale and lovely warm tone. Cracked and repaired. Played professionally. High D key.
Loree UE92 'Royal'2017$7,900Loree Royal in like new condition, never cracked! It has a beautiful dark tone. Very little use.
Loree UJ17 'Royal'2018$6,200Here is a very nice Royal with great scale and a nice warm tone. This oboe was only used for a few years.
Loree UQ93 'Royal'2018$7,900This F. Loree Royal is like new! It has a small crack that was repaired. Beautiful tone!
Loree UR05 'AK'2019$6,500This 4 year old AK is in very nice shape. Never cracked! It has a warm tone, stable upper register, and easy low notes.
Loree UW80 'Royal'2020$6,890This is great-like new! Very little played, no cracks, great oboe!
Lorée English Horns & D'Amores for Sale
Other Used Oboes for Sale
Bulgheroni #5223$2,000This is a very nice Bulgheroni student oboe which has all its keys including left hand F key. All wood, no cracks! This oboe has a very nice tone and it is ready to be played.
Adler #95497$7,000This is a wonderful Rosewood with Gold Keys from Adler. It has automatic key system!
Buffet #8079$4,400Buffet model 3613, all wood professional oboe in very good condition. Small crack has been repaired. This oboe has great tone and an even scale. Great buy!
Fox 330 #29860$3,500Very nice Fox 330-ready to be in the hands of a talented young player...Priced to sell!
Fox 333 #15705$2,200Nice Fox Protege in very good condition. Priced to sell.
Fox 400 # 18529$4,900The Fox Model 400 is an all-wood professional oboe. It has a warm tone and solid scale. Cracked and repaired.
Yamaha 841 LT #82552018$6,100Wonderful professional oboe made by Yamaha. Full c +3 key system, grenadilla wood body, and a synthetic lined top to safeguard against cracks! This instrument was very recently serviced, and it plays beautifully.
Yamaha YOB 241 #3013620221,200Very nice Yamaha241 in very good condition.
Yamaha 241 #061900$2,000This is a beginner Yamaha oboe. It's all plastic bit it has a nice tone.
Other Used English Horns & D'Amores for Sale
Laubin English Horn
1979$11,000Wonderful Laubin English Horn. This instrument has been used professionally only. Had a small crack that was repaired by Paul Laubin and has been stable for many years. It has 2 Laubin and 1 Fox bocals. It also comes with a Protec double case.
Other Used Instruments for Sale
Cases, Accessories, Tools
Double Case Cover$100Double Case Cover for Oboe and English Horn. Sheep-lined.
Double Case Cover$100Double Case Cover for Oboe and English Horn. Sheep-lined.
Protec Oboe Case$50Integral Case in good condition.
Jeanne Standard English Horn Shaper Tip$300‘Jeanne’ standard English Horn shaper tip. Brand new condition, still in the box!

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Appreciation in Value

A buyer may often find a newly bought Oboe or English Horn, especially a Lorée, to be worth more after a few years than when they bought it.

New at the same price

It is not rare to find a used Oboe or English Horn that costs just as much as a new Oboe or English Horn of better quality.

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